Using NVDA - Trying to determine how to navigate back to base layer text

Oct 14, 2021

Hi there,

I have a slide with six layers and text appears on the left side and as each button is selected they go to a visited state.  After the sixth button they will go to an "info" button, I have my alt text to say this will return them to the general information.  This all works great, but once they have the general information on the slide, I cannot (even after looking through NVDA guides) how the learner can read the general text over again.  Whether I select tab, or arrow down, it just moves to the Accessibility button, then Prev, then Next, but the learner should be able to read the general information again.  Any thoughts?  Let me know if you need the file, for now just have a screenshot.

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Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Walt, here is a copy of the one slide.  The layers open and cover the main text, and so if they want to read the general text again they select the "I" icon, but after doing that I can't figure out what key to use to let them use that and then move on to the next button. My focus order is working fine as well.

Walt Hamilton

It works good without NVDA. My one thought is that it may be getting lost from trying to hide layers that aren't showing. You might try using the info icon to show a seventh layer. It would have nothing on it, be set to hide other layers, have a timeline of .1 sec, and hide itself when its timeline ends. That would hide any open layer, and might return the focus to the base layer.