Using Storyline 360˚ Images in VR Headsets

Apr 18, 2022


Is it possible to upload Storyline 360˚ projects into VR headsets?
In the new 360˚ images update article, Storyline doesn't support VR, but does it mean that you can't upload Storyline content into VR headsets (Like oculus)?

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Neil Jones

Hi have you tried exporting the storyline content to web? I have tested this function briefly in captivate so assume it should be the same for articulate. 

I published to web then hosted the zipped web file on an LMS as a module - i think use an occulus to navigate to the lms and open the course module

Jonathan Crowley-Volpato


I tried the above and hosted it on our LMS and it displays oddly using an oculus quest 2 despite me viewing it through all the various settings available. It doesn't offer me the full 360 degree view and the interactive buttons within the image aren't working. Does anyone have any ideas? For info it was a scorm package uploaded to moodle.

Steven Benassi

Hi Ronel!

Thanks for checking in on this!

I don't have any updates to share at this time as our team has been prioritizing other features but I've included you in the feature report. We'll update this discussion as soon as we have news to share!

In the meantime, here's a deeper look at how we manage feature requests.

Hugh V

A few years ago I installed the Firefox Reality browser on a headset and ran up Thinglink 360 content. To save typing long urls each time, I created bookmarks for each virtual tour.

Could the same approach work for 360 Storyline images, perhaps publishing to Review360? or maybe creating a Rise course and embedding the Storyline 360 and using the Rise share link in the browser?

Eric Santos

Hi Choon!

Good question; I'm happy to help with that! Please confirm what you meant by uploading the Storyline content to a VR headset. If you want to view your project, and since VR headsets have an internet browser app, it should be possible to view published Storyline courses via the browser as 2D content. If you can connect a Bluetooth mouse to the headset, you can navigate and interact with the course that way.

If you require any further information, please let me know!

Neil Jones

Hi Eric, i dont see the point in viewing 2d content in a headset. There's a gap here where we have the use of 360 content in a browser but we are unable to put in into the hardware it works best in i.e a VR headset. Articulate are really lagging behind if the dont adapt to this market, flat 2d elearning courses are becoming a waste of everyones time.