Using Triggers & Variables with Layers and Slides to disable the Previous & Next Buttons

Jul 14, 2021

I have read many of the articles dealing with this issue but still cannot seem to get this to work.

Please see attached Storyline file - Scene 1; Scene2 was another 'sandbox' scene. I have also put a link to a Peek video for further explanation.


Slide 1: Four buttons. Buttons 1, 3, and 4 link to layers, button 2 to Slide 2, and  the next button is disabled (until all are selected)
Slide 2: Two Rectangles, both link to layers, previous button disabled until both are selected.
Slide 3: The "Next Slide" after all four buttons on Slide 1 have been selected.

NOTE: There is a method to this 'madness' but I put this simple example together mirroring what the customer wanted without exposing their material. And yes I did try eliminating Slide 2 and use four layers on Slide 1 but there is interaction on Slide 2 which if put on a layer the learning could have bypassed because the NEXT button would have been enabled as soon as the layer is 'visited'.

Everything works fine if you select the buttons in the right order. What I cannot get to work is, if I return to Slide One from Slide Three the Next Button is disabled even though all buttons have been selected.

Peek video here:

Thank you for any assistance.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Bill.

Thank you for sharing your .story file and for the super detailed and helpful explanation video!

Just to expand on Walt's post above: your triggers to enable the Next button (Change state to Normal) are currently connected to when the variable changes. The variables will change the first time the user clicks the buttons, but they will not change again when they return to the slide.

Adding a trigger to check the variables when the timeline starts, and enabling the Next button based on the variables, as Walt suggested, would also be my recommendation.