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Oct 19, 2015

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the Variable for text entry used for simulations.  Where does Articulate SL2 store the variable for the correct text entry.

For example, in the simulation, I have the user enter "tennis" in the text box, but if they enter anything else but that the error response is displayed.  Now, I want to change "tennis" to "golf".  I don't want to recreate the simulation.  Where is this change stored?  

OR, I am still a newbie when it comes to these variables?


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Walt Gill

Hi Leslie,

I must not be seeing what it is that I'm looking for.

Right, I'm not trying to modify the published output at all.

What I am trying to do is edit the screen capture while still working in SL2 to change the requested field, per the on screen instructions, from "tennis" to "golf".

For example, when I preview the slide and originally I typed "tennis", the module would continue and move forward.  Now, I want the user to type in "golf" but when this happens, the INCORRECT dialog box appears and it won't continue.

How do I code SL2 do accept golf now and continue forward??

Thanks so much!


Walt Gill

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I am able to access the slide, however, I am not sure how to update the requirement.  

When I recorded the simulation, I originally entered "tennis".  Now that I have inserted the TRY-ME slides into my story,  I want to change that entry of "tennis" to "golf".  Where do I make this change because I haven't been able to find anything in the slide that says "tennis".  

I hope that makes sense.  

Walt Gill

Hi Leslie,

Unfortunately, I can't share this.  But let me try to explain a little better....

So, I start my screen record and I move through the simulation of the software.  

At one point, I come to a text entry field (TEXTENTRY1) and I narrate to the user to enter "tennis" in the field.  I enter "tennis" in the field and continue with the simulation.  I go through some more screens and then I finish.  When I preview the simulation and come to TEXTENTRY1, if I try to enter anything other than "tennis", I get the error pop-up box.  When I enter "tennis", I am able to continue through the simulation.

Now, what I want to do is change the trigger from "tennis" to "golf" so that SL2 allows me to continue to move through the software simulation.

I haven't found anywhere in the program where I change the trigger to continue from "tennis" to "golf".  What am I doing wrong??


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt,

You should see the text entry created as a part of a question slide in try/test mode. One that slide you can change what the acceptable answers are. You should note though that when doing so, the text that you have initially typed as a part of the text entry will still display on the next slide - so even if "golf" is now correct, the user will see "tennis" as that's what you typed while creating it. Take a look at the attached example I record of just starting to log into ELH - you'll see I updated my "acceptable" answer but the next slide shows how I originally entered it. 

Hope that helps. 

Walt Gill

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your help.  

I do have a quick question, Slide 2 covers the entire screen.  Is that normal?  Also, let's say you misspell your entry for the text box, what is the recourse for typing the correct text in the box.

In your example you sent me, I re-sized the text entry box so I could click on the Password text box, but it will not allow me to move forward.

What can I be doing wrong that I'm understanding?

This is easy right?

Thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt,

Yes in mine it did go full screen - again it's dependent on what you're recording and how it's reading info from the browser you used. 

If you misspelled it while recording, you'd need to rerecord. If you misspelled it while entering it in as a user, you'd need to allow for more than one attempt in a test mode style scene to get the "try again" message. 

As for the password box, that is the  next slide - so once the user has entered information into this text entry it does advance them. 

Walt Gill

Good morning Ashley,

I am sorry that I'm having so much trouble with what I believe is something easy.

So after I enter your email in the text box, what should happen?  Should I press "enter", "submit", "tab", or click on the password field?

Also, how does articulate 'know' that I misspelled the text in the box?  Is it storing my keystrokes somewhere and runs a validation on what was originally entered versus what the user now has to enter?  If so, where is the original text keystrokes stored?

I hope you can see where my confusion is with this text entry.

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt,

Sorry for the delay - but I'm just getting to this thread. 

In my example you can use the enter key or the submit button. And then you go to the next slide where you can click on the password field which is the next stage of the screen recording. 

If say you made a spelling mistake while conducting the recording, Storyline doesn't know that - so it'll capture just what you type and that's what will be displayed to the user and it's captured the entry to validate it as a correct answer or not (these are shown as a part of "form view" on slide 2 - you can see the original , edit or add more). You can change the acceptable answers to allow for a change in what is considered correct - but that won't change how the slide with the text already entered will display (3rd slide in my example). 

I know you mentioned you're  not able to share your example here, but it may be easier to explain if we were working with your content versus my random set up. Can you share the content privately? If so you can send along to our Support team here and they'll be happy to take a look.