Video compression

Nov 03, 2014


Just checking to see whether anyone else has the issue with the video compression option is disabled when a video file is inserted? I'd really like to have the option to choose whether I want to compress or not. 


1.Imported video file via menu. 

2. Imported wmv. file

3. SL2


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Nassia Katroutsou


I am having the same issue, but I upload an MP4 file. What do you mean by "your video was created with a different profile"? I create videos in Camtasia. I need to change the compression setting as it affects the quality of the videos. 

I found this page, but I don't understand what I have to do.

Thank you!

Eric Santos

Hi Nassia!

I'm happy to help here. When producing your MP4 file in Camtasia, you should see a field called H.264 profile in the Video Settings. Try selecting Main or High.

You may also find these articles helpful:

Let me know how it goes!