Video Fast Forwarding

Feb 24, 2023

Hi guys,

I import a video in Storyline and set that they can only advance to the next slide. But I don't know how to do these settings:

1. I want a user can only fast forward the video or part of the video which is completed.  In other words, if the user watches 50% of the video and goes to the next slide, the video could be played from 50% of it rather than from the beginning when they come back to the video slide. Besides, they can fast forward 50% of the video which are completed before.

2. At a certain point, the video pauses, and a question pop out. When the question is answered, the video would continue to play until next questions appear. 

Right now I've set a question appearing at a cue point of the timeline of slide 1.1. But I fail to set it to appear at a certain time of the video in slide 1.1. When answer the question, click continue in the (in)correct layer, it would jump back to the video slide but fail to play the video from the saved state.

3. Are the functions above also suitable for embedded video? or do I need to set any variables to achieve these functions? But I've always confused about the usage of variables and conditions....

I attach the project, would you mind helping me set these in it? Thanks~

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John Morgan

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for reaching out about these questions! Good news! I have some answers for you!

1. Storyline will remember where the user is in the video if you set your Slide Properties to "Ressume saved state". Double-click Base Layer in the Slide Layers palette in the bottom right corner to access that setting. Here's a screenshot for you!

Regarding fast forwarding to a certain percentage of the video, that is not a feature that is available in Storyline.

2. I would recommend using a lightbox to have a question pop-up during a video. Here's a video I recorded to show you more about that along with an updated story file!

Also, here's an article with some more information about lightboxes!

3. Storyline can't interact in any way with an embedded video. Pausing and playing are done in the embedded video controls.

I hope this helps you out!

Sherry1 Li

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Lightbox works well! 

Besides previous settings, I add a trigger that will close the lightbox if click the Continue button on (in)correct layer. And what troubles me is that this function works well whenTRUE/FALSE question pops out but fails on following questions of multiple answers. Here's a recorded video to show it.

Secondly, on the first slide, I set the Next button works only when the video's complete. But if I drag the progress bar to the end of the video, it would automatically I've watched the video, but actually not. How can I solve it? But I don't want to delete the progress bar? Is it possible to set the video progress bar could only be dragged when the video is  complete, and you can drag as you want when you revisit the slide?

Luciana Piazza

Hi Sherry, 

So glad to hear that my colleague John’s recommendation of a Lightbox was a success! Lightboxes are a great feature to include in your courses. 

Could you please clarify what trigger you incorporated into the lightboxes in your course? I'm not sure that I'm seeing this adjustment on my end, and I want to be sure I understand what you're looking to achieve.

Unfortunately, the video functionality you are looking to achieve is unsupported by us here at Articulate, but perhaps someone in the community can share how they’ve crafted a similar interaction! I’m curious to see how they'd approach this!