Video not maintaining sync with timeline after pause


I imported a 7min .mp4 video into Storyline 360. At the end of the video are several overlaid buttons. A Contents button displays after about 30sec to allow you to navigate to different sections using cue points.

You can view it HERE.

The problem is when the video reaches the end of the timeline and stops. If you click the Contents button to navigate to another section, the video doesn't start automatically. If you click the video, it starts but the timeline does not. This means that the buttons at the end will never display again. If you click the play button, the video and the timeline start and you can reach the end.

My temporary fix was to place a 99% transparent shape over the video so the user cannot click the video, they have to click the play button but it feels like something is wrong with the video that it will not stay synced with the timeline it is sitting on.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ben!

First off, impressive course! It looks incredible.

Our Support Engineers are the right team to troubleshoot this issue with you. I've opened a case on your behalf with their team. You should've received a confirmation email that includes an upload link. If you could upload your .story file, that would be helpful!