Where did pick-many freeform quiz slides go?

Jun 24, 2022

After the last update of Storyline360  I am trying to add a quiz pick-many slides (using Velocity) and there is none. Only pick-one and drag and drop. Where are all the other types of quiz gone?


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Andrea Borsoi

I now realized that this type of freeform quiz does not exist in Velocity. I tried to build one copying it from a un-formatted slide (without template) and styled it up, but the Form View does not allow any entry! Also the template with which all other slides have been created, has completely disappeared from My Templated! What a mess. Anyone has a clue? 

Andrea Borsoi

Dear Maria,

Thanks for your answer (sorry for my delayed one, was away for few days). It seems like the other (non-template based) questions types were out of service temporarily and are now back. I am modifying some to make them look like the template I used (a modified Velocity) but this process of conversion you showed me is real good learning for me. Very useful and I am going to try it immediately!!! Thanks a lot for your precious help.