Which LMS Reporting?

Mar 30, 2022


I have several courses that have a quiz in them. We have not wanted to track quiz scores until now, but I can't seem to get the score to track with any of the LMS reporting options.

When I built these 5 - 10 question quizzes out, I did them linearly, and not in a question bank. Could that be the reason why the score is not reported? If so, is there an easy fix? Got about 100 different mini-courses to change.



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Brian Cook


Yes, I have. I think though the way the questions were set up (in their own slides and not in a quiz bank), the only option I have on that page is for quiz completion, but nothing about whether they passed. I have a slide that determines their score and tells them that they passed or failed, but it is not being recorded and/or reported to the LMS


John Say

Hi Brian, 

I would recommend that you test your course in SCORM Cloud to see if it tracks the quiz properly there: https://articulate.fyi/1OHe39f

If the course tracks the quiz results in SCORM Cloud then you can consult your LMS support team to check if they have any specific LMS settings that would work in their LMS. 

If the course also does not work in SCORM Cloud then I would recommend that you file a support case via http://articulatecase.com and we'd be happy to look into your files to see what may be causing the issues. 

Brian Cook

Thanks John. 

Attaching a couple of SSs. you can see I have the quiz questions as individual slides and not in a question bank. I didn't know if this made any bearing on reporting options. Also, see that the only option regarding tracking is the "completion" of the quiz, but nothing about passing. LMS reporting is set to pass/fail. Should it be on something else?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Brian.

Thank you for the screenshots!

Based on what you shared, there's nothing unusual or missing, so the scores should still be sent to the LMS. Were you able to follow John's suggestion and test your project in SCORM Cloud

If you need help testing, you're welcome to submit your .story file through a support case