Which slide size in combination with which screenshot size or recording size?

Oct 06, 2022


I am starting to develop an e-learning which will be viewed on screens with resolution 1920x1080 and 3849x2160. In the e-learning I will show screenshots of and also recordings of excel spreadsheets.

Can you help me with two questions:

  1. I don't understand which Slide Size will be the best for us to use. The default 960x640 size or for example 1920x1080. I am looking for the Slide Size which delivers the sharpest result when viewed by learners. When to use what Slide Size?
  2. Which screenshots-size and which recording-size to use for the sharpest result.
  3. Does a large Slide Size and/or screenshots/recordings result in slower working e-learning?

Thank you in advance.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Patricia, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

We don't have a specific screen-size that we can recommend since a lot of factors can influence what the ideal resolution is for a project, but you can check out this article which explains how to get high quality video and images files for your course: 

Additionally, having a large slide size and media files shouldn't affect the performance of your slides.

Hope this helps!