Why do custom colors from one project appear in another?

Why do my custom colors I choose in one project appear in another? It should be a blank slate with each project. At least give me the option in-app to have a blank slate with each new project and not have it delete my custom colors for the project they originated from. I've seen people post how you can go in the files and delete them, but doesn't that delete them from the original project too? I shouldn't have to do anything outside of the app for this anyway. Please. This seems like a pretty reasonable and baseline feature in 2021. Thanks!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Grace,

Thanks for reaching out! Do you select the option for New Project when opening Storyline 360 or going to File->New Project when starting a new course? When I do that, my theme colors will default to the built-in Office theme under the Design tab and not any custom themes I've created.

If you're selecting Save As from a different project or using a template, they will include the theme colors or master slides from that file. If you're experiencing something different, consider repairing Storyline 360 or connect with our support engineers to take a closer look at your setup!