Why does Storyline often quit unexpectedly?

Stoyline has a tendency to quit unexpectedly after I've previewed a slide a few times, thus losing all of my changes.  Is there a magic number of times one can preview a slide without this happening!? It's a bit much to have to save after every single change to a story but I do try. However, I get engrossed in what I'm doing and forget- that's exactly when Storyline decides to quit. I've sent reports in but don't know what comes of them.

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Peter Anderson

Sorry for the trouble you've experienced, guys. Here are some general reasons and solutions for unexpected or erratic behavior in Storyline. Beyond that, if you feel you can provide us with steps to try and replicate the issues you're experiencing, we'd be extremely appreciative and happy to try and help resolve it. Thanks!


Thanks Peter, i think i might have found (and solved) one of the problems. I noticed that when i copy and paste an image ( especially from the internet) that Storyline will hang to the point where you cant even save your work and after a while.... quit. 

So i had to go into every slide (there were 45 for this particular project), right click the image and then click 'save as picture' to somewhere on my hard drive. After that, we were back to normal speed instead of taking 2-3 minutes for a change to happen or even move to the next slide. 

Hope this helps others who come across the issue.