Why does the Skip Navigation button take you to the beginning of the slide?

Hello all, 

I am pretty new to Storyline but I need to understand the logic behind the Skip Navigation button. This button allows screen reader users to bypass the player navigation but it brings them back to the beginning of the slide they have just tabbed through. I was wondering how this is supposed to work for someone who is tabbing through the screen, why would they want to go back to the beginning of the slide instead of skipping the player controls to the NEXT button or PREVIOUS button. To not get stuck in a loop, they would have to actually tab through the play, pause, seek bar, and settings to get to the previous and next buttons, or just use the shortcut keys to get to the next slide. So what is the point of this button returning them to the slide? Please and thank you! 


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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Andreea! This is a great question and one I am sure other folks have as well! The skip navigation to take the user back to the beginning of the slide is helpful for screen reader users who may have a visual disability. Sighted users are able to see all of the information on the slide at once and can form the context for the slide around that, but the screen reader user will possibly need to go through the slide contents using their screen reader first, then begin the slide again now that they've oriented themselves to the content that's on the screen before they complete any of the interactions that may be on the slide. I hope that answer helps!