Working with Markers in Storyline

Jun 29, 2022

Having trouble using markers.

I have two on a slide and the first one shows the title when hovering over it and will show the title and body when clicking on it. This is how I want it to work.

The second marker however I cannot get it to work the same it always shows the title and body no matter what I do. (tried format painter, making first marker default marker, making sure second marker did not have "show all on hover" selected  etc.)

The only workaround I could find was to do a copy and paste of the first marker and then edit the title and body.

I am thinking that somehow it has to do with heading and body i.e. the font style for the marker but tried playing with those as well to no avail.

I have perused the forum topics on markers but not seeing anything regarding this issue

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer


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