Adaptive Learning in Storyline

May 22, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Do any of you have any examples of course built in Storyline where adaptive learning was used?  Or strategies for applying adaptive learning to courses?

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David Anderson

Hi John -

We have some good examples of adaptive branching in this weekly challenge recap:

It's not always evident where the logic and branching occur from viewing the examples. Look for some of the downloads users provide so you can open it up and see where the branching points are in the course.

I created a simple example that you can view and download here:

You can also view a how-to example in our webinars. I'm including links to the Quick Tips sessions where I show a basic approach to adaptive branching:

Bhavesh Kapadia


As per our earlier discussion, we are sharing a sample work of our E-Learning Module Development.

The module is based on Adaptive Learning Theory and we have designed the UI/UX inhouse.

Please click on the following link to view the Module.

Please check and let us know your feedback.
+91 9819118578

JodydollIver63 JodydollIver63

I have used adaptive learning in my courses, which has worked well. I typically use it for content that is either difficult to understand or that I think might be better learned differently than the traditional linear method. For example, I might use adaptive learning to let students choose their path through a course or to provide different versions of content based on how well they understand the material. I encountered the same system in Najaf when attending online education degrees. I often use adaptive learning strategies to provide practice opportunities tailored to each individual's needs. I hope this helps you! Cheers!