Alternate ways to drag-n-drop slides

Apr 26, 2021


I'd like to ask the "e-learning hivemind" about a specific request.

Given that accessibility can overrule the idea of drag-n-drop slides due to lacking a mouse to drag and drop cards, what are your ideas to spin the concept of association in order to replace a drag-n-drop slide? It's easy to make each possible drag item into a separate multiple-choice question, but... sometimes, you need to be creative ;)

I personally can think of text-entry fields next to the "would-be drop zones", in which the learner has to type A, B or C, all written in the question, with the feedback being controlled by text variables and verification triggers.

What about you people? What would you suggest to replace drag-n-drop slides, all while keeping the association aspect?

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Kalena Hornkohl

I recently attended a webinar hosted by eLearning Brothers on accessible interactivity, and one of the examples was how to transform traditional drag-and-drop into something that is screen reader friendly. The solution starts around minute 23 ( but you can back up to about minute 16 to see the original interaction. Essentially, the user can tab through and check the items they would like to "drag," then they used an animated image to "drag" the checked items into a bin.

I found the whole talk pretty helpful with rethinking a lot of my interactive slides!

Screen reader friendly drag-and-drop