Animated Accordions

In this file you will get two sets of animated accordions. One, I found on this site and edited to be a bit more functional and added a few more animated images.
(Triangles now function as buttons and close the layer. Added some animation and nice text layout to first frame. )

The other I designed from scratch in the 360 app that allows you to design widgets and stuff. I no longer have access to that app and suite because I left the company I was working for and I forget the app name, but you guys probably know which app I am referring to. Its not Rise, but one of the other apps in the suite. Anyhow, you can totally adjust the accordion in Storyline, so no worries about that. Just import and edit. It is pretty slick and each tab or frame is animated. I hope you will like it. Anyhow, as always I appreciate any feedback you can give and please use and enjoy!



StoryLine Version:  3 (created in v3)

Template Name: Design Elements V1
By: Michael Pereira


If you need custom design work or need a training / e-learning developer contact me and let's see how we can partner for success.



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David Anderson

I really like the updates you made to both Ashi's template and the Content Library Velocity tabs interaction.In general, it's a good idea to credit the source for any files you repurpose.

Here's a link to Ashi's original accordion template in case anyone's interested in the source.

Click here to download the template


Alison  L.

The links at the top to the .story no longer exist as of JUNE 2021. 

BUT!! (& I'm so glad I can format this)... the .story file IS on THIS PAGE!...


A picture of where the .story file is on this page!

So hooray, because I'm intrigued by accordions and their functionality and like the top-bottom one since they are usually left-right-across ones.