Any Best Practices for Annual or Refresher Training?

Hi All!

I need some help brainstrorming here. I am trying to think of ways that will best help a learner when faced with mandated training, such as an annual compliance course, or a refresher / calibration course. I do not want to just rehash the same the training they already have done, except where required for compliance purposes. It needs to be meaniful, performance-focued, engaging, and interesting. Easy-peasy, right? :-)  What do you think?  Any best practices for you and your company?



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Holly MacDonald

Great question Tim!

Here's an excerpt out of our course maintenance document that we provide our clients:

Annual Refresher Courses

For courses that require an annual completion, planning for this is important. Build in a “refresher” strategy – we don’t want our learners to have to repeat the same course year after year. Be intentional with the design to allow for an experience that isn’t stale. This might include:

  • Using a question bank to allow someone to “test out” of the course in subsequent years, and to ensure that there is not the same questions year after year.
  • Build content at the beginning of the project to provide some alternate paths. Allow the learner to choose a chapter they did not do before.
  • Develop randomized content, such as scenarios, that can mean learners don’t repeat the course.

Keen to see some other ideas!