Artificial Intelligence (AI) Useful for E-Learning Design and Development?

Dec 21, 2022

Hi Friends!

I'm just curious how many of you have begun experimenting with AI tools (ChatGPT, GPT3 API, AI platforms, etc.) to refine your design and development of e-learning modules that you create in Rise and Storyline. Any good time-savers or other best practices that you're using?



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Mike Martin

Yes - a few things when using ChatGPT. 1. Be specific in your request. No need for simple Google phrases. You can add multiple variables in your request. For instance, I can say write an introduction to this course and give the objectives and it will produce a result. I can also ask it to do the same but add "make it exciting so that teams will want to join this session and add a joke about training to lighten the mood" This is a bad example, but you can see the limits are largely in our own minds! Also, try several prompts and analyze the various results. You may want to combine responses.

Cody Wanberg

Hey Ashley! I have been trying out ChatGPT for all sort of things, from personal (writing poems and stories with the kids) to professional (scripts, quiz questions, and more). I recently wrote a post describing some best practices I discovered and some ways this might be used as a starting point for L&D development. And, similar to what Mike shared above, the limits only go as far as our own minds. I encourage you to play around with the tool and see what it can do. 

Ashley Green

Thanks for your comments! Yeah, I'm finding it has several great uses. With the right prompt input, it can generate some surprisingly nuanced content. It's especially good at helping to generate variants of multiple-choice questions for test. Particularly useful too when I get stuck with scenario/story building. This really amplifies the effort when a SME I'm working with can't be available but for a limited window. I get the high-level outline and must have content from the SME, then can have AI "fill - in" any content where I get stuck. To be honest with all the prompting and fine-tuning I sometimes have to do, I find that the process gets my thinking "unstuck" and I just start to generate all the original content on my own.

I'm really intrigued to see what the Articulate team might do to incorporate it one day. Could an embeddable widget of some kind be developed where I can train the AI on content and context and then have it play the part of another person in a truly interactive training scenario ? (I'm in the healthcare space so thinking practice patients for new providers). Could it be trained to help evaluate free-text essay questions?

Curious to hear what others think - please chime in!