Change the Colors of the Modern Storyline 360 Player!

Turquoise Modern Player

Those of you who have an Articulate 360 subscription know that Storyline 360 has two player options: the Classic Player and the Modern Player. The Classic Player can be extensively customized, including choosing your own colors for every aspect of the player. However, the Modern Player has only two overall color options: light, or dark.

In order to customize the colors of the Modern Player, I had to look for help outside of Articulate. I discovered Cluelabs, a company that offers free, nifty widgets for several eLearning software applications.

Using their Storyline 360 Modern Player Custom Colors widget, I created a turquoise player for my Leadership 101 course starter template.

Blog post:

How about you? If you create eLearning courses using Storyline 360, have you missed the ability to customize the colors of the Modern Player?

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Judy Nollet

Nice that Cluelabs offers a way to customize the colors of the Modern Player. It's too bad Articulate doesn't provide that option. For a simple, flat player, they should be able to provide an easy way to customize the colors by setting just a few (e.g., indicate the base color, indicate the text color, indicate the highlight color).

The classic method -- adjusting >100 settings, some of which you can't see while doing this -- has always been frustrating. And even after all these years, some of the settings (Menu and Glossary scroll bars) don't work properly...