Consultant needed for elearning project


We have a business unit in need of an elearning consultant to translate facilitated workshops into online courses. They are looking for someone with experience working on courses for the humanitarian/int'l development sector, for a 3 month or so engagement.

Does anyone have any consultants they have worked with in the past to develop elearning that you could share contact info?  

Thanks much!

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Hello Vivian! 


We are an eLearning development firm, where we turn conventional eLearning on its head to create learning experiences that are engaging and effective. We use 2D/3D animation, immersive AR/VR environments, engaging scenarios and simulations, game-based learning, and many more techniques to deliver truly unique, “wow” experiences. We are sector agnostic and very comfortable working on courses from the humanitarian/international development sector. 


You can go to our website to see our work Hornbillfx . If you want to see anything specific, let me know. We can connect on a call to understand the requirement better, and I can also share our client's information if you need it. 


If you are looking for 3D immersive learning solutions then I suggest Hornbillfx. Hornbillfx is one of the leading VR immersive learning solutions companies in the USA