Course Pricing Guidance

Mar 17, 2023

Hello Community,

I could use a little guidance for submitting a quote.  I've been asked to provide the cost to develop a 30-60 minute course for professional engineer license renewal.

The course will be an ‘assessment’ of the licensee’s knowledge and understanding of the content required for license renewal.

The level will be primarily Level 1 with some Level 2 interactivity.

Content will supposedly be provided but I will likely do some graphic work, help SMEs develop the content and script the course.  I will do voice narration.  It needs to be ADA compliant. I will provide a SCORM package when all is done.

I have done a lot of this in the past as an employee and for a couple of years as a freelancer.  I always seem to underbid and end up working way more for what turns out to be not much money when it's all said and done.

I'm very good at what I do, except the negotiating price part.  I use Chapman's model for hours to develop and I put this project in the 184:1 category.

This is a government agency and they like boring, click Next training (well, nobody actually likes it but it meets their requirement to check off the "we delivered training" box)

My question to you is, "What would you charge for this e-learning course?"

I have my idea, I'd really like to hear what others would charge for something of this caliber.

Thanks in advance.

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