Creating an enviroment in storyline

Mar 03, 2022



I'm trying to create an enviroment for a package I'm currently in the process of making, I'm trying to create a ward enviroment and I have no idea how to begin it, I'm just looking for some tips on how to go about this if anyone could help with that?


Thanks in advance 


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Tracy Parish

Could be many ways to achieve this.  I'm thinking you mean a health care ward, but that might be wrong. 

I work in a hospital setting and went to units and found rooms/hallways/stations/equipment/etc that had no patients in them and collected a wide range of photos from around the organization.  I then used some of the characters from Storyline and "placed" them into the images to simulate discussions and scenarios, etc.

I want to do this for some 360 projects I have in mind as well.

You can try using isomeric nursing ward images, they might be useful. I have a friend building some of her own this way to accurately capture the way her's look at her facility.

Another option is you can use tools like Vyond (try a trial, plan out what you need to build, then grab it for a month to publish out the video you need for your course).  I've done this once for a scenario I needed to build.  Users watched the video then interacted with some questions, etc after complete.