Creative way to share online resources

Feb 16, 2022

I am struggling to find a creative way to display/share a list of online resources within my online class.  I don't want to simply list the organizations along with their URLs.  I was hoping this group might be able to provide some ideas.  I am comfortable with most of the Articulate tools.  I have about 20 resources that I would like to share. 

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.



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Sarah Hodge

Hi Johnna! To go along with what Joanne said, Rise 360 might be a great solution. You can easily create a resource guide that looks beautiful on any device. I haven't seen any specific examples on the topic, but you can take a look at this article. It includes a variety of ways course creators are using Rise 360 for making projects that aren’t your typical e-learning course. I hope that sparks some new ideas! 

Cheryl Kent

Hello Johnna,

not sure if these help. I work in a library and we have lots of lists and it is difficult to present them in an interesting way.

Here is a list of resources organised by category NHS Resources (

Here is another example explaining different databases for different users Which NHS database do you need? (

The article that Sarah mentioned also looked pretty good.