Display built-in quiz answers as images

Hi all,

I was wondering if you can point me to some examples where you have represented correct quiz answers as images in SL. For example, for every correct answer the user gets a gold coin (which displays based on the Submit button being clicked). The more correct answers the more coins displayed.

I have been trying this with the built-in quiz options and show layers when variable Results.ScorePoints changes but can't get it working :-(

Please help!


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David Anderson

Hi Dan,

You can use the built-in score results but I'd go with something more based on selected states and conditional triggers.

Here's a quick demo and source file:

Demo: Progress Stars | Review 360 (articulate.com)

I created three True/False variables and used slide triggers to Adjust Variable if the question is answered is correct.

The star graphics are two states: Normal (gray) and Awarded (gold). Slide triggers (on slide master) evaluate if the question is correct.

Take a look at the file and let me know if it makes sense. I'm more than happy to put a quick screencast together for you to walk you through the process.

Razvan Daba

Hi David,

Thank you so much for all the explanation you provided. I used your idea for a 10-question quiz and I had two problems. The stars do not light up in order (so If the learner answers question 1 and 5, the first and the fifth stars light up) and I couldn’t reset the variables, so if the learner did the quiz again the stars would not go back to the normal state.

My solution was to use the Results.ScorePoints variable, please find the original example with this modification in the attachment.

What do you think?