Finance 101 course

Jun 22, 2013

Hey All,

I have to create a finance 101 course that will be for mobile deployment (iPad) and very short. It will basically be financial terms + a 2 min video+ one little scenario with 3-5 quiz questions. I DO NOT have the finance acumen and frankly find the content boring. However, I want to be creative about it and really make it a quick 10 min or less lesson as opposed to a course. Any ideas that I can draw from? Has anyone created such a lesson perhaps that I can have a look at the flow? 



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Michelle Thomas

That is funny I am working on something similar. It is now actually turning into a video series because it is combo finance terms and business terms that I am chunking out into smaller topics. For example my first one was around revenue - what revenue means where it comes from, difference between plan and monthly forecast.  I made the video using ppoint 2010. It consists of quick snappy animations, transitions, many graphics and with ppoint 2010 you can convert into video.

Kai ...

Thanks Nancy! I remember seeing this a while back. This a great. Definitely some idea of how to make boring content like finance interesting. How did you come up wit the idea and the script? Just trying to see where and how I can draw inspiration from.



Nancy Woinoski

I can't remember why I picked this topic but I think it was during the height of the financial crisis so money management was in the news a lot. Originally I was going to focus more on investing which I know a lot about but it just sort of evolved as I worked through it. I tend to start with a basic outline in which I jot down topics and ideas.  I am a very visual person so I tend to write and design at the same time  and I do it right in the tool - in this case it was Articulate Presenter. Once I have a complete design/script I go back over it and refine the words/design until I am satisfied with the outcome.