Finding and Creating Character Assets for eLearning

Apr 13, 2021

Hi Articulate & Community!

Other than the free assets in Storyline 360, what resources do you use to find or create characters of people for eLearning? I am especially interested in characters that look like real-life people and not cartoons.

Thanks in advance!

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Christy Tucker

I've been pretty happy with the eLearning Art characters. If you're looking for illustrated characters, their "Designer Realistic" set is good. Those are all available as SVG images, with the clothes and props as separate objects and layers. That means you can pose them or edit them as you want.

For example, I had a safety training project where we needed to customize the PPE. The hard hats needed to be a specific color, the safety vests needed to have sleeves, the shoes needed to be visibly lace-up shoes, but they didn't need ear plugs. I was able to customize that and edit the characters to meet those specific requirements. I was even able to edit the hand to show 2 fingers up instead of 1 for a particular slide.