Hangman Game

Apr 24, 2015

Hi all

I've been working on a hangman game in Storyline 2 where you have to guess the letters of a hidden word. You are allowed 10 errors before the stick man is hanged (lovely!) and the game is lost.

I've made this version using a variable for each letter of the alphabet to either reveal the correct letter chosen or deduct a point from the 10 goes errors allowed (linked to the graphics of the man), but it seems quite an inefficient way to do this.  Can anyone think of a more efficient way to create this mechanism?

Published version:



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G Innes

It's very much a quick prototype (hence the typo!).  There is at least one variable around the scoring that could be removed for efficiency, but it is still quite a complex interaction for basically a one question quiz.  It will be interesting to see if there are other ways to approach it.


David Tait

Nice example Gavin. Here's one that I built: Hangman

I'll attempt to explain my workings below:

  1. I had a PNG for each missing letter
  2. The PNG had a state for each letter of the alphabet
  3. When you click on the options/letters they either change the state of the blank to the relevant letter or they deduct a life via a variable
  4. Once an option has been selected it is disabled and the correct/incorrect audio is played.


David Tait

You've already done the hard part and rigged up all of the code so updating the graphics and adding sound effects should be the fun bit!

We have quite a few games/puzzles that we've developed in Storyline, I've extracted a couple of the popular ones from one of our demos, they are the Line connector activity and the Crossword.

Chris Wall

I might have a text variable for each letter in the correct answer and, obviously, a text variable for the learner's guess.

Then I'd use a series of triggers to compare the learner's guess to each of the hidden letters in the answer.

I'd use a numeric variable to keep track of how many wrong guesses had been made, and each time the number in that variable increments, I'd use a trigger to change the state of one element of the stick man figure from hidden to normal.

Chris R

Games are a great way to have some fun especially as a recall/knowledge check. Rather than simply guessing letters (sort of a wheel of fortune style approach), we've used a power point version of hangman asking questions of a participant - if they answer the question correctly, they get a letter, wrong answers build the hangman. I wonder if this could be adapted into Storyline using the quizzing slides?