HeroLand- an adventure built within Storyline (and only storyline)

Nov 03, 2016

Hi all, 

It's been an amazing year and with the latest developments from Articulate it's going to be another great one, however I wanted to show you all what can actually be done with Storyline 2 just by itself.  This is more of an experiment, but to be honest would (still might) be my entry if there is a Guru challenge this year.  But as things might be changing soon, I thought I'd give one last shoutout to one of the best design tools out there.

So here's the link - enjoy!

Sincerely, Rick

Old Website http://www.richardleehill.com/heroland/

Walk-through video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGqSkHkrB7o

***Although Flash has been decommissioned YOU CAN STILL PLAY Heroland 

with the  Storyline CD executable (Windows): attached to this post! 

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Richard Hill

Hi Dave, Sorry but the HTML5 outputs are completely different than Storyline 2.  I've tried several workarounds but the output always glitches in some unusable way.  The only way I could see it working is to use something other than pure Storyline ( everything in the original was made in storyline) to create the characters.  Maybe animated gifs, however, I've experimented and had mixed results.  This is not to say you can't do Other amazing things.  In a month or so I will post an integrated 3D Virtual Web Museum using Storyline 360 and WebGL. It's more utility than story, but you'll be able to walk around a 3D space and look at art.  Thanks for asking.