History of Bicycle

Mar 18, 2023

Hello everyone. For last week's #ELHChallenge 408, I created a short history of the bike.

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My demo includes the scale feature that I made with GSAP, which is not in Storyline, that is, zooming in and out. In this way, it allows an object to grow and return to its original size whenever I want without using move.

The 'theObject2' code in the first line makes the bike in the previous layer return to its original place and size
The 'theObject' part adjusts the size and position of the bike that will come to the middle part.

When you create four layers for the previous and next bikes and add the code for growth to the inputs and reinstatement to the outputs, the interaction is complete.

There is some distortion when the window size is changed. Can you help me fix this with JS or GSAP?

If you have any questions about this demo, please contact me.



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