How about an Escape Room game built in Storyline? Want to play for free?

Sep 07, 2023

Hello, Everyone,

we built a nice-looking Escape Room game in Articulate Storyline and thought it would be cool to get your opinion about it? 

Full disclosure: child labor was used to make it, meaning Karlis (founder of FasterCourse) kids participated in the testing of the game, it is pretty fun though :)

Play here:

Game plot: Solve 4 riddles to open a door, solve 5th riddle and set yourself free. 

Have a fantastic week everyone, I hope you solve all your professional and personal riddles this week!



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Rupa D

I loved everything about this - the gorgeous design, sleek animations, and genuinely challenging puzzles. However I simply couldn't get past the last puzzle involving putting the items (gems, keys, etc.) in the correct order. There seem to be a number of possible solutions (depending on how one defines 'next to' and 'right next to'), but none of the ones I tried worked. Could I get a hint? :D