Interactive Bookcase Activity

Dec 08, 2020

Hi all,

I built this for a GDPR course. I was trying very hard to keep learners interested in what is an inherently boring subject matter for most. 

This activity has the learner clicking on each of the four books, which then slide out before transitioning to the relevant layer for that book where the text can be read - I incorporated a page-turn effect when the book opens.

When the book is closed, an icon appears on the spine to indicate that the book has been read.  

Some of the audio I used include ambient office, book sliding on a shelf, page turning, book closing and a stapler. 

The information banner that slides out at the start introduces the section and you need to click on it to close it (this instruction was detailed at the start of the full course so is missing here)

Interactive Bookcase Activity


A bit about me quickly since this is my first post in this section - I started out in elearning about 2 years ago. The GDPR course was my second ever, it was a steep learning curve but very enjoyable.  

This site has always been an inspiration to me, seeing the great work being created as well as the informative articles.

Anyway, I've decided to start putting some of my work up on my profile and posting it here too for feedback and to hopefully give something back to this community.




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Chris Foster

Hi Lauren,

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. Here's the file for you.

I checked it earlier and something odd has happened that I don't recall when I built it - in preview mode, after opening a book (any book - it does the same thing) they all change to state "done" and slide back in when it should only be the book that has been opened. 

Thankfully it works as intended when published - tested in both Review360 and our LMS.

I've tried everything but I am really stumped! I'm not even sure if it will happen for you, might be my machine or where I have had it saved I don't know. 

If you find it works OK or find a solution, could you let me know what it was please?


Hope you find it useful anyway, and thanks for the feedback :)