Interactive globe/map in storyline

Hi All,

I am looking for ideas or recommendations of where to look to source a detailed interactive globe that would work in Storyline. Similar to Google Maps (but it doesn't have to drill down into that much detail once zoomed in). I have found a way to include Google Maps on Storyline, but as my course is available internationally, this won't work because in some countries Google is blocked.

I am looking to make/buy something like this:

but it would ideally be interactive for the learner to click on, and drill down further into specific regions of the countries I want to highlight.

I hope this makes sense, I would really appreciate some ideas as this would make my course much more interactive and entertaining! 



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Sarah Hodge

Hello Rachel and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 😊 Thanks for the example and explanation. Totally makes sense! David Anderson created this Storyline: Around the World quiz example that might work for what you're looking for. You can download the file and customize it for your needs. There's also a link in the description to an article he wrote on how he built it.