Interactive Transcription (Syncing text and Audio with highlight text as the audio plays)

Aug 31, 2022

Is there a way (or even a workaround) to sync a pre-recorded audio piece to text so that when the learner plays it, he hears the audio but can watch the text become highlighted either by word or complete sentence?
Are there programs that work with Articulate Storyline.

For those with learning disabilities (and reading difficulties), this could be a big help.  It would be helpful to have that accessibility support with a program like Storyline - any idea how this might work?



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Math Notermans

Are Captions a solution ? If so... go for it ;-)

If not you can get it done by using Javascript, GSAP and some magic.
Quick sample... timing aint fine..thats one of the biggest issues actually...getting proper timing right.

I couldnot ( tried but failed ) add it to Review.. Lots of errors and not apt to debugging that.

The timing for the text in fact should come from a file including the text and the timing.
Something like this...

0.125 | Five Skills You Need For Successfull Hybrid Working
0.485 | Here are five skills needed when you wish to
1.685 | successfully embrace hybrid working.
2.245 | First,
2.985 | personal and organisational skills
5.405 |

Another issue is that the way Storyline adds text its really tough to select it. Its doable, but easiest would be if the textfields were pure HTML5 textfields. That is doable though, you could read in a textfile or JSON and parse that...create your timing using variables and GSAP and make this perfect...for any audio and transcribed text.

Option to test is using CUEpoints to trigger a next step in the GSAP animation...