Jurassic Park Course

Aug 15, 2016

Hi Heroes,

I have just finished creating a new course using a moving panoramic background to navigate through the course.


This course is based on the famous scene from Jurassic Park 1 where the car is travelling through the dinosaur enclosures and the T-Rex breaks out.

I started by creating the background on the slide which is stretched far beyond the end of the timeline.


I then grouped all the elements of the background together and applied a motion path to the left which is set to loop until the end of the timeline and to have a relative start point.

I then applied spin animations to the wheels of the car and had these loop until the end of the slide as well.

After this I have set the timeline of the slide to be paused whenever the state of the car is not 'down'. This means that whenever the user is not holding their cursor on the car, it will appear as if it has stopped moving. When the user presses down on the car, the timeline will resume and will show the car and background moving again.

In the second half of the course I have continued with the moving panoramic background but I have set this to play automatically. The timeline will pause at four specific points where a question will be displayed. If the user answers this correctly the car motion path away from the T-Rex. But if they answer incorrectly the car will move backwards slightly. If the learner answers incorrectly twice they will be eaten and will have to restart the quiz.

Most of the graphics in this course were put together using basic shapes in PowerPoint, some of these were then turned into gifs to give them a little more character.


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Pam Robinson

Hi Jordan,

I can't believe I am just seeing this. Your animation, sound effects and design are amazing, engaging, clever and fun! I learned a lot about dinosaurs and almost escaped being eaten by the T-Rex. I can't wait until a project presents itself that allows me to use that panoramic effect with user controlled stop and go action. Brilliant!


Jordan Ash

Hi Leigh,

I did try and test this on several mobile devices and the results seemed to change depending on my internet strength. Certain features like the timing of motion paths seemed to either speed up or slow down when I was on a poor 3G connection.

It might work better if you are able to predownload the file using the articulate mobile player.