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Is there anyway a learner can use a keyboard shortcut to press one of the interaction buttons? We have set up the course in a way that a "continue" button appears pretty often to proceed to the next section. I was just wondering if any of the keyboard shortcuts could be used in lieu of a mouse click.




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Ray Cole

You can set up a trigger to replicate what your Continue button does. For example:

Jump to slide Next Slide when User presses a key 

The trigger wizard gives you a space to select the key (for example, the Return key or Right Arrow key would be reasonable choices I think).



Nayeli De la Fuente

Hi Ray,

I've done an extensive search for this trigger and I haven't found a straight answer to this. Some chats are back even 8 years ago. 

I need to assign a shortcut key to an action for accessibility. I.e. I want the person to click number one to reveal text. However, I found that when I say:

Change state of [my text] to normal, 
When the [user presses]


And then here it begins the problem, because the next line reads:

after CLICKING ON [whatever] <<<Without an option tho delete this line>>.

AND, I don't want the user to click anywhere because I'm trying to help them to navigate throughout the module with the keyboard solely i.e. don't use the mouse at all. 

Of course, when I publish, pressing number 1 is not enough to reveal the text. 

Can you or another person help me with this, please?

Ray Cole

Hi Nayeli,

I see your point. I think when I posted this tip a couple of years ago, the "after clicking on ..." portion of this trigger was not required.

However, I just now tried setting that to "after clicking on THIS SLIDE" and when I preview it, it works even if I don't click on the slide first.

I've attached my 2-slide test file. Preview or Publish it, and then test by pressing Return (aka Enter) on your keyboard to advance from Slide 1 to Slide 2. It works for me. Of course, you can set the trigger to look for any keypress--it doesn't have to be the Return key.