Launching SCORM files from Sharepoint or Intranet

Jan 21, 2022


My company has recently purchased Articulate 360.  We launched several elearning solutions from our LMS, but have found that we'd like to be able to launch non-compliance courses from our Intranet or from Sharepoint (another location, other than the LMS, for items/resources that we don't need tracked.

Outside of your company's LMS, where are you hosting training solutions?

Thank you in advance!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Erika,

A few years ago, one of my clients did use SharePoint for reviewing courses and to host a few that didn't need to be in the LMS.  But do a quick Forum search on "SharePoint," and you'll see hundreds of results discussing problems with trying to play a course that way. 

The best way to deliver a published-for-web course is via a web server. You might have to go through your company's IT dept. to have a course uploaded to the intranet. But, once that's done, users would just need the URL (e.g., to launch the course.

Keep in mind that the web doesn't track course progress or results the way an LMS can. So if a user leaves a course before finishing it, they'll have to restart it when they return.