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Mar 18, 2012


I'm looking for great games that we can embed in our learning solutiobns. 
I would love to have something in the level e-learning brothers offer (this bundle for example: http://elearningtemplates.com/flash-all-games-bundle/, great price too).

But we need games that do not require using Flash for editing. so our whole team can easily update them.

Any ideas?

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steve mcmillen

Hello Efrat!

What kind of customizations are you looking to be able to do?  Questions, order, passing grade, completion action based on success?  My company develops custom games for not much different than what e-learning templates is charging for their bundles, plus then the customization capability can be defined by you.  Customizable content would be embedded in a file easily opened by a text editor that would just need to be included into the Articulate Publish files.

Check out our work!


Good luck!

Efrat Maor


We're exploring such an option with them as well. But we're short on time, so need to see if customizations fits in our timeline.
The other option we're considering is from another vendor, it is already developed, but much (!) more expensive. 

WE're mainly looking for questions customizations and a first time brand customizations. Another option is to have a banner\area that can be modified as well (by changing an image on each quiz for example).  

I'll review your portfolio.

Andrew Scivally

Hello Efrat,

We could connect the flash games to xml and give you the flexibility to edit the games outside of Flash. The great part is that you'd have the Flash source (.fla) files also. That means that you could change and customize every single part of the game and then also the xml to easily add the text/settings. (gives you the ability to have a custom game and a template at the same time) We are really fast too and I'm sure we can meet your timeframe.

Efrat Maor


Emily's post is spam.

there is this template for SL:

And we're probably gonna work with a vendor having his own infrastructure. We can have the look-n-feel custmized for us, and it has an easy to use interface for creating\updating\reports. It is suitable for a large cale project, with ~30 managers creating quizzes\games, and defining which report they wish to recieve. I can't teach 30 managers to use SL. Could do it with Quizmaker, which is easier, but my gaming options and no final score oboard.

Our company already had a recognition game done with them in one division, and a global recognition game is about to start. 

They have other types of platforms being developed.

This is the company who's services we use: http://www.teamalaya.com/

Efrat Maor


We have 3 of your games!
With the XML option. We where never able to have it fully functionable with our LMS SCORM (this might be due to our internal system, which doesn't support all of Articulate options either).

I highly recommand the eLearning brothers!
They are fast, professional and affordable.

we used their games as stand alone, that was our plan for them. It was part of a project with short deliverables.
So content could be an elearning, webpaper, webinar, demo etc - and a game or quiz would cover the content. 

Anna Powless

Thanks Efrat and Andrew! 

I think the XML games from e-Brothers will work for me.

Let me also ask you this.  Most of this talk is about Storyline!!! SEems most everyone is moving to it.  Is Storyline actually better than Articulate? Or just different? 

I currently have Studio 09.  Should I upgrad to Studio 13 when it comes out or just bag it and purchase Storyline?

Very curious of everyone's opinion!

Bruce Graham


Have a look here for a comparison, and there are quite a few threads on the boards that you can (hopefully...) find using Search.

Studio '13 will be infinitely better than current Presenter Suite, but not as much functionality as Storyline.

Storyline is a completely different beast from current Studio Suite.


Bruce Graham

Anna Powless said:

I imagine updates may be more difficult if your SME is feeding it to you in PowerPoint.

Only if your SME expects it to look like PowerPoint.

Most of my courses start as .ppt - I import them, keep them in a hidden "inspiration" Scene, and then build something from scratch that is usually much more compelling.

A lot of it depends how far you want to move away from the familiarity and comfort of a .ppt build...


Russ Sawchuk


I have had StoryLIne for nearly a year now. Prior to that I have developed courses using Articulate Presenter. For my latest e-learning project, I decided to take a chance and use only StoryLIne. I'm glad I did. It has so many amazing features of which I am only using a few. I am very happy with the results. I plan to use SL for several of my other upcoming projects.

Based on my experience with StoryLine, I don't see myself upgrading my Articulate Suite when it becomes available. Just my experience.

On the original topic of games, I have developed 84 nursing learning games over the last few months using the templates from elearning bros. I have build the games both in the Flash version and the HTML5 version (and one in SL). My preferences is the HTML5 templates as they allow me to randomly sample questions, and don't have a maximum number of questions. Also, the HTML5 games can be played on the iPad which has been a complaint with our Flash quizzes. The games are very popular and tend to be the preferred learning materials on our site.

If anyone wants to take a look or try these nursing games, you can see them here.  


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