Need some Inspiration

May 26, 2021

Hi everyone, 

I have the challenge of taking a talking head powerpoint and turning it into interactive eLearning.  It's basically just bulleted lists of different guidelines for foster parents: the video is 108 min long! (See video link at the bottom).

I was planning on doing scenarios that covered the topics, but that's too many and I can't think of realistic, engaging scenarios for some of them.  

Any advice?


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Sarah Hodge

Hey Marshall! I just wanted to chime in and share this article on 5 Ideas for Turning Boring Bullets Into Engaging Interactions. It includes some ideas with examples. Hopefully, that might spark some additional ideas for you. There’s also this article by Trina Rimmer. It has some awesome suggestions for converting instructor-led training into E-Learning. I hope that helps! 

Andy Houghton

Hi. The first thing I'd do is find out why it needs to be interactive. IMHO what it needs to be is easy for the users to get and understand the information that's being presented - I looked at one video from the link above.

If it were me, I'd put the text in a document, eg PDF (much easier for people to read then in a slide)
Use the voice from the podcast. The presenter knows what she's talking about and does a pretty good job.

I'd consider using mind maps along with the voice - these could be downloaded at the end and be reminders of the content. If not, then some authentic images with small amounts of text highlighting the key issues. Anything put slides of text.

The challenge as I see it is that there's a lot of information, much of it is common sense but probably needs to be made explicit because of its nature. It's managing how the users accesses that information that's important.