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Sarah Hodge

Hi Karen and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I'm glad Phil shared a solution here with you. Using his helpful tip, I went ahead and edited your .story file with those changes (see attached). Here are a few of the changes I made:

  • I added each audio to a different layer
  • I edited the triggers on the base layer to show layer when the learner clicks each number
  • To make the intro audio stop playing when the learner clicks a number, I added triggers on the base layer to pause the audio once a number is clicked
  • I made the seekbar visible on the base layer and all slide layers so the learner knows how long the audio is and when it's complete  

I hope that helps!

Alison Coops

Good morning,  I am having an extremely similar issue, so I tried this fix, but I still have the issue.  My audio was already on separate layers.  The problem happens if the user clicks another trigger (on the base layer) before the audio on the current layer finishes.  I actually don't know why your fix works on that file, because the trigger is to pause the intro audio, but somehow it is pausing the audio on the other layers.

Alison Coops

Now I've moved the triggers onto each layer and I'm able to stop the current layer audio when they click on any other trigger, but I've lost the "build", keeping each criteria visible after they've clicked to reveal it. (I've also lost any indication of whether they've visited an oval because technically, I now have 20 oval triggers instead of just 5.)

Alison Coops

The solution that I got to work: All on the base layer, when each object is clicked it: 1) changes the state to visited (so I get the visible text when it is clicked, not at the end of that timeline) 2) the audio from file plays , 3) 5 more triggers to pause each of the other 5 audio files that could still be playing at the point when a new oval is clicked.