Performance Needs Analysis

Jul 21, 2021

Hi ID Community!

I have been offered to spearhead a training project at the medical clinic where I work. I would like to collect a lot of information before speaking with the CEO about his idea for the training program. Does anyone have a quick/free template I might be able to borrow of a generic performance needs analysis? I am also looking for a similar document for a target population analysis and Return on Expectations/Investment questions as well. 

Any ideas would be FABULOUS!

Thank you!


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Sarah Hodge

Hey Caleb! That sounds exciting! It's super proactive of you to prepare for that meeting. I wanted to share a few resources with you. I recently wrote an article that includes 3 downloads. I think the Project Kickoff Questions document might have some questions you can pull from. There's also this article that walks through some steps to complete a training needs analysis. Hope that helps!