Popup / nag screen to subscribe to newsletter for every single page in Forum...

Hi, recently I seem to have a very annoying bug in the forum: No matter if I am logged in or not, I get a popup / nag screen every time I open a new page / follow a link within the forum. It says I should sign up to the newsletter. I am signed up to the newsletter (did that about 5x now to get rid of the popup), but no, the popup still appears.

Is this deliberate or a bug? If it is deliberate, it is not making you friends with me because it disrupts workflow. Browser is Chrome, latest version. Tried Edge, latest version, same thing.



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Felix Franke

Hi Sarah, thanks for the quick reply.

I don't know that. How do I find out? Is that a browser setting? I am currently using different computers, my own in home office and one which is intended for "all users" at work when I am there (like this week). I have my personal profile on that computer though, and single sign-on and things like that work nicely.

Just cleared browser history and Cache (incl. cookies) in my Chrome, Popup still there...