PowerPoint: how do I create rounded corners on a picture?

Dec 07, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've got a question for you. I want to create a picture with round corners en specifically set the corner 'roundness' (Is that a word? It is now!) I tend just to use one of the preset picture styles and remove the effects I don't need but was thinking there has to be a better way?

I described what I do now in this screencast:


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Thank you guys! PowerPoint just has to may hidden features  

Phil, I cannot seem to find Picture Shape. It just not there. All I have is picture border, effects and layout (which turns it into smart art)

Dave your suggestion I can find and works excellent.

Jeanette also replied via Twitter and she made a quick screencast on how to easily fill a shape with the picture enabling the shape features like transparency and such. :https://player.vimeo.com/video/204931218