Python vs Javascript

Jul 12, 2018

Hi all. I’ve always yearned to achieve all the cool things Storyline developers can do with JavaScript, but never invested the time to learn it. Yesterday I got an email from Codecademy offering Python courses, which is being described as the new JavaScript.

Can Python even be used in Storyline projects, or is it more of a server/LMS tool? What would it be useful for? If it’s worth learning for the future, and can be used in Storyline, I’d rather invest my time in learning Python than JavaScript.

Any thoughts?

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Anderson Rumuy

i am a beginner. frankly, there are so manny codes (specially for programmer) probably I dont need in Developing my Course using Articulate SL 3, so  I just need what can I do with Javascript or JQuery cause there is the trigger in SL3 like Js for "print button". 

I have a question, 

1. Can we customise (HTML,CSS) the HTML5 output from SL 3 after we publish?

    which is it will be effect the final output or not?

2. is HTML5 output (SL publish WEB) same with HTML5 file in web developing?


Any Thought will be appreciate. Thanks