Rule of thumb about how many quizzes to have?

Jan 05, 2011

I personally like to have several quizzes throughout a course, just as kind of a checkpoint for the learner. For example in a 20 minute course, I might have four or five short quizzes, and then a longer one at the end (that's the one I track with my LMS). Is there a rule of thumb about how many quizzes to have? Sometimes I wonder if I'm going overboard.

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Bob Lander

You might try asking a handful of your learners what they think. Maybe having lots of quizzes mid-way through is helpful, or maybe it's annoying - I think it depends a lot on your content, your learners, and the way you've crafted your quizzes. One thing I often do is, if the quiz isn't absolutely essential I set up the properties so that they can skip it if they want. You can do that by going to your placeholder slide and clicking Properties at the bottom.