Sales pitch

Mar 18, 2022

Hi all, I am in the process of building a course where I am trying to convince a customer to purchase what I am selling. Does anyone have a link to an example that I can review for ideas?

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Bob Stryker

I've attached a screenshot for a sales training I made ages ago. I've edited out client identifying material and this scenario was one of ten. The course has a few strategies that I've recycled over the years:

  • The participant makes multiple selections. In this case, they decided what to do at the moment with the customer and identify the best practice or policy that backs up the selected action.
  • Support resource links are available directly from the interaction. I have low expectations that participants use these resources, but they mitigate pushback from business partners when the design doesn't frontload a lot of knowledge building.
  • Participants can reduce the number of scenarios by performing at a high level. In this case, making selections that head off product returns reward the learner by reducing seat time.

I hope this helps!