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Hi everyone,

My company is looking to begin selling their courses to our clients.  We have 2 options... they can use our LMS to view them, or we thought of providing the SCORM package to load to their LMS.  Does anyone do the latter?  How do you track usage so that say they can have the course for 500 users for $X?  Then if they don't renew the license after the year, how do you turn it off?



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Kate Salvan

An LMS is ideal for selling courses, tracking the subscriptions and turning off the access once the subscription has expired.

Modern LMSs offer different types of native subscriptions (date to date, date to lifetime, X days access, free trial).

In JoomlaLMS, for example, we can sell not just courses, but additional goods and services.  And it doesn’t matter whether we sell SCORM compliant content or the learning materials uploaded one by one. Advanced system of tracking and reporting displays all the reporting data.

Also, we can limit the number of the course participants or add them to the waiting lists. if necessary.

Jamie Wenzel

Thank you Holly!  I totally forgot about Rustic having that solution.  I found a slightly cheaper option through   Overall, both solutions are pretty expensive though in the long run.  I wish there was a low cost alternative.  I am looking into linking out to a google sheet or something.  I have tried embedding a google form into the eLearning, but I have no way to make sure they fill it out because I can't trigger off the submit button of an embedded web page.   I am going to keep working on it, and will update if I find a low cost alternative.  



If your courses are created in Storyline, you can build in a course "license expiration".
See discussion here:
See example here: 

You can 1/2 achieve this in Rise by creating just the expiration functionality in a Storyine banner/block (minimum slide height), placing this at the top of your course, and putting a continue after block above is completed divider in your Rise project.

This results in the SL block checking the date and completing if valid. If the date is not valid, you stick on a layer so the block remain incomplete and the divider prohibits moving forward.

The reason I say this only 1/2 works is that anyone who has taken the course before will still be able to progress because of the way the divider currently operates (once completed, always completed). However, it will block any new students from accessing the course.