Show next button only when all Button Sets are visited

Hello, I want to show the Next button ONLY when user have answered all four questions. I am using button sets so user can select only one answer per question. Based on user's answers, I am setting up variables. I tried to create a trigger where Next button is showed when the timeline starts and all the variables are non-blank (to make sure all questions have been answered) but this is not working. 

I can also use multiple variables to check whether user went through all the questions or not but it is too much work and seems unintuitive to me. Also, there are many more similar slides and if all of them requires similar treatment, that would be a hassle. Any ideas? 
Thanks in advance. 

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Dan Epstein


I see what you want to do. One question, though: why are all the S4Vx variables text variables?

It may seem like a lot of work, but you may want to consider using T/F variables for each question and trip them to True when the user selects one of the two answer options. Then reveal the Next button when all question T/F variables = True.

Hope that helps.



Minhaz Mahmud

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. The S4Vx variables are actually made for another purpose. I am assigning each variable with a value which are used later in the course. Sorry for the confusion. 

However, since I was creating those variables, I was trying to use them on the trigger so as to keep number of variables minimum. There are a lot of similar slides, and using different variables for each one of them simply means tons of variables to keep track of.

Bianca Woods

Hi Minhaz,

That's definitely a challenge to balance having the variables you need for each slide but not ending up with so many in your course that it's hard to manage them all.

Since you mentioned you intend to make a number of similar slides in the course, I've attached a solution that may be a happy medium between Dan's great suggestion to use True/False variables and your goal of not adding too many variables overall.

In it, I've switched the button click variables to True/False. But, so you can keep the overall number of variables low, on the second version of the slide I added triggers to reset all four question variables to False when the timeline starts. With that approach, you can just reuse the four question variables repeatedly throughout the course.

To help you check that the True/False variables are adjusting properly, I added variable references to the right of each question so you can see how they work. You can delete them without any issue once you've tested the slides out.

The other challenge was getting the Next button to change states. While you could associate a trigger with each button that checks if all four question variables are true, that seemed like more triggers than you wanted to use. So I included another option: a Complete state of the button that learners click when they've answered all four questions. That click sets off a trigger to check if all the question variables are true, and if they are it changes the state of the Next button. You could also just skip that state change and have the course automatically advance to the next slide if the learner answers all the questions and clicks Complete.