Show next button when all drop targets are occupied

I have a slide with multiple drop targets with multiple objects. Any object can drop on any target. I need to show the next button only when all drop targets are filled. 

When there are two objects and two drop targets, I did it with declaring Boolean variables (True/False). It works. But for multiple drop targets and objects, this quickly become tiresome. 

I found a trigger to change state when any ONE object drops on any of multiple drop targets. It would work only if there was an option of any of multiple objects drops on any of multiple drop targets

Any ideas? Thanks

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Helen Dudley

Variables and triggers can be a minefield can't they?

I'm assuming you are using a freeform question... When a learner drops a drag item on a target you can change the state to dropped and then when all the drop targets have something dropped in them, you could have the state of your next navigation button change from hidden to normal. Would this work?


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Tom Kuhlmann

You could use the drop correct and incorrect states on the objects. They get changed automatically. Then create a trigger to change the state of the next button when state of object(s) is incorrect or correct. There are a few ways to do that part of the trigger, but evaluating incorrect and correct drop states is probably easier to manage than variables.

Minhaz Mahmud

Sorry for replying so later. The issue was that there are no correct or incorrect answer here. There are multiple objects and they can be dropped on any of the three drop targets. In the end I ended up using variables to count and change the state of the next button to normal. 

Thanks for your replies.