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Bar Chart

This bar chart uses sliders to change the bar values, but you could change that to have the user input the values too. I did all the heavy lifting by adding 100 states for each bar to display each bar value and the bar growth.






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Lea Schaumann

Hey Justin,

I like the triggers in your project. But it seems like the bars can't react on user input (or just once).

I have a third option, which is quite easy to build and uses sliders. Although the legend stays put, unlike Richards animation.

Find the review link here.

Source file attached.

Justin Collinge

Hi Fridolin

That's very cool. I love your approach. My main use of this sort of bar chart is to show results from a survey, so the user input has already happened by the time they reach a final slide showing the bar charts. 

And it's really nice to have something that's more responsive like you've created too.
Thanks for sharing.